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SQLite Reader Online Online is a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to read SQLite files. SQLite is a popular database format, and many applications use it. SQLite files can be viewed in a text editor, but they’re not very easy to read. SQLite Reader Online makes them easy to read by displaying the data in a table.

The following are some of the most significant features of the SQLite Reader Online add-on. This is followed by a summary of the add-on. This section simply informs you about the add-on, its purpose, and its capabilities. FAQ follows next; this part is useful for obtaining information on how this addon functions in your browser.

To summarize, SQLite Reader Online is a browser extension that allows you to easily manage your SQLite database and even execute any SQLite command without the need for additional extensions.

Sqlite Reader Online

Sqlite Reader Online

4 Reasons to Use SQLite Reader Online

  • Includes a stand-alone popup window to drag and drop (or search) an SQLite database.
  • Has a display that tells you about the continuing procedures.
  • This program allows you to access and alter an SQLite database, as well as execute any SQLite command.
  • For Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge on all platforms, you can access it here.


If you’re seeking a simple and quick approach to modifying an SQLite database, you’ve come to the perfect spot. The SQLite Reader Online is a fantastic extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers on all major operating systems.

This extension will allow you to view, manage, and edit your SQLite database in your browser. It will let you use several SQLite commands, including the SQL standard ones. You should double-check the commands to ensure they are correct and avoid any issues. This extension utilizes an open-source SQLite engine; the library was built using the C language to JavaScript through Emscripten. Do you have questions about how to utilize this add-on? Continue reading to learn more about it.

The extension features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create, edit, and delete databases from your browser. You won’t need any other extensions to utilize SQLite commands. Once it’s been added to the browser, you may access it via a toolbar button. A new window will appear; all you have to do now is drag & drop the SQLite file into the box at the top.

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After you’ve finished loading the SQLite, you’ll notice a section with several options in the middle. Please add/modify the code as necessary, then click on the – Execute – button after that. Also, keep in mind that executing a command might take some time, so be patient. The duration takes to process depends on the size of the database. The third part (Result Section) shows the conclusion. This extension is a C-compiled version of SQLite’s library. This extension makes using it easier than native applications do.

This extension is still in beta and may not function as expected. In comparison to native SQLite applications, this extension will operate slowly. It’s essential to remember that if you want to modify or manage a big SQLite database, you’ll need a native application. This add-on is only effective for moderate-sized databases. Overall, SQLite Reader Online is a fantastic add-on that allows opening, editing, and managing SQLite databases without stress or effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is SQLite Reader Online?

The SQLite Reader Online is a browser extension that allows you to conveniently open and view any SQLite database. You may also run any command you wish. It makes use of the SQLite library (SQLite), which is compiled from C and C++ into JavaScript using the Emscripten compiler. Emscripten is a source-to-source compiler that converts native C/C++ codes to JavaScript. Just launch the app UI and drop an SQLite file into the designated area of the application (top section) in order to utilize this add-on. In the text area (middle area) of the UI, you’ll notice that once the SQLite is completely loaded, there are several commands. Simply modify the code and then click on the – Execute SQLite – button in the top left corner (the green button). You must also take note of the fact that executing any command may require a significant amount of time, depending on the size of your SQLite database. The conclusion is shown in the – result section (III) – within the app user interface. You may save the database by clicking on the – Save Database – button at the top. Furthermore, there is a button to add a sample SQLite code that you can press and then select the – Execute SQLite – option to view results.

  1. What is SQLite?
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The C programming language contains a SQLite database. It is mostly intended for data management (large database). There’s no way to access or manage the SQLite database in a browser without any additional extensions. This add-on makes it simple to display and manage any SQLite database. Because this program runs as a browser extension, it works in all browsers and platforms. Furthermore, the UI is highly practical and simple to use. Please keep in mind that there are significant distinctions between SQL and SQLite, but both have most of the SQL criteria.

  1. What is the procedure for downloading the source code of SQLite Reader Online?

It’s suggested that you use the source code from the Chrome Web Store to develop this extension. To download the source code for this add-on, go to your computer and drag and drop the folder or CRX file into a ZIP program or a compatible tool (such as WinRAR). If you want to save the source code for firefox addons, open the Firefox download link (if available) in the browser and then right-click on – Add to Firefox -; select – Save Link As…

Put the file in XPI format and save it in the designated folder on your machine. You may convert the XPI file to a RAR or ZIP file by changing its name. Some extensions may have a GitHub repository address, which you may use to acquire the source code. However,

  1. What exactly is the function of the SQLite Reader Online add-on?

The free and open-source conversion library called SQLite is used by this add-on. SQLite was originally written in C. However, only JavaScript is accepted in the browser. As a result, this extension utilizes a compiled version of the SQLite library in Javascript format. The Emscripten compiler produced the compiled version. Please consult the Wikipedia article for additional information on the Emscripten compiler. All of SQLite’s original commands are valid too. Some, but not all, commands are currently supported. Please check for available commands before using the addon. It’s also important to remember that because this library is built in Javascript, it may not have the same performance as the C language version. Because it runs in a browser and has fewer resources than the native SQLite application. But, based on our testing, it appears to be sufficient for normal use (normal database).

  1. How can I deactivate the extension?
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When the app UI is closed, this extension is entirely disabled (RAM/CPU) on your system. If you wish to completely shut off the extension, go to your browser’s extensions menu and then click the disable button from there.

  1. What can I do to update the app’s user interface?

When you first launch the app, on the upper left corner is a reload button (the second button). Please press this button to refresh the UI. Also, remember that refreshing the UI will cancel all active operations and restart the execution process.

  1. How may I save the SQLite database to my computer?

Save the database by pressing the Save Database button after execution is completed. Please save the item to your computer by clicking on the link. In your browser, select a different default download location by going to Settings > General > Advanced Tab and then selecting a new path from the drop-down list (if necessary).

  1. How can I alter the download path for my SQLite database?

To alter your download location, go to the settings tab in your browser and look for the download section. You may modify the download path within this area. This will affect all of your downloads in your browser, making it possible to change their global file locations.

  1. Is this extension similar in performance to the native SQLite applications?

No, since this extension executes SQLite commands within the browser, it is slower than the actual SQLite application/library. However, using the add-on is quite simple (in fact, far easier than the native SQLite command-line tool). Simply paste it in your browser and it will start working immediately without any additional extensions. The native SQLite library is complex to use and may be difficult to install on various operating systems.

This add-on is compatible with all major browsers and platforms. Please keep in mind that, for extremely huge SQLite databases, the native SQLite application is still required. This add-on is only appropriate for small database sizes.

  1. Where can I get the SQLite Reader Online privacy policy?

You should review the extension’s privacy statement to ensure that you understand how your data will be used.