Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm

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Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm – For your browser, a simple to use timer, alarm, and stopwatch.

This is an extension that enables you to create timers, alarms, and stopwatches with ease.

This Addon has a simple, but useful interface. The toolbar menu may be opened in a new tab, in a new window, or as a stand-alone application. To pick the proper context, simply right-click on the toolbar button. Three tabs are present on the left side of the screen; please check each one to discover more information. There is a button at the top that allows you to create a new timer or alarm. This button controls the timer and alarm settings. The start, reset, and lap buttons are available for use with the stopwatch tab.

Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm addon

Features of Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm

  • A lightweight extension that lets you quickly configure a time, alarm, or stopwatch.
  • Has a stand-alone popup window that may be accessed in the popup, tab, or another window.
  • It also has five distinct ring tones for alarm and timer.
  • It’s possible to use without having access to the internet.
  • On all platforms, you can access the website via Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Opera.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm?

Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm is a simple and multi-browser add-on that allows you to easily set a timer, alarm, or modify the stopwatch in your browser. The interface for this add-on may be opened in a new tab or as a standalone window. To choose the context, simply right-click on the toolbar button.

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2. How can I work with this extension?

To add a new timer using this plugin, please open the interface and choose a desired tab from the left panel. Timer, alarm, and stopwatch are the available tabs in ascending order. To create a new timer, click on the – new timer – button at the top of the timer window. Please fill out an explanatory name for your timer, change the time settings if necessary, and select a sound when done editing. At the moment, you have five sounds to pick from. Please click on the – save changes – button once you’ve completed the adjustments. For the alarm tab, change the settings similarly to how you did with the timer tab. You may set dates and snooze on top of previous settings for alarm settings, as well as a start, reset, and lap buttons on the stopwatch screen.

3. Is there a different options or settings page for this addon?

No, as previously stated, this extension doesn’t have a separate options or settings page. All of the settings are exposed in the extension interface.

4. Is this add-on compatible with mobile browsers?

Yes, this add-on is available for both mobile and desktop devices on all operating systems.

5. How can I open the UI in a new tab or window?

To add the button to any existing toolbar, visit Tools > Customize Toolbar. Select Context from the context menu options to assign a new button to any context. The popup, tab, or separate window are three different choices.

6. What if I don’t want to use this add-on anymore?

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You may always disable the extension from your browser’s extensions page.

7. Where can I locate the Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm privacy policy?

Please review the extension’s privacy policy here before installing it.