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Switch Night Mode Pro and the screen is much more comfortable to look at!

When you’re surfing the Internet, Nite Mode Pro allows you to adjust the screen’s brightness (Day/Night modes) and modify the screen’s luminosity (Day/Night modes). You may also readily change the screen’s brightness.

7 Reasons to Use Switch Switch Night Mode Pro

  • This plugin allows you to quickly and easily modify the brightness and contrast of your screen, as well as improve readability.
  • It dims the screen by applying a filter that can be used as a dimmer, which prevents your eyes from hurting. It has been found through our testing to effectively prevent your eyes from being damaged by bright light.
  • When the light is too bright, it may cause your eyes to hurt; therefore, dim or brighten the screen, vise-versa.
  • Day or night modes may be switched on the fly using this device.
  • The background will be fading to black, and the entire page will begin to fade gradually to dark. All text colors will also be changed to a darker hue for Night Mode.
  • The colors of the page and all text will be switched to normal in Day Mode.
  • You will also save battery if you have an Retina or AMOLED screen!


For all of those couch potatoes who like to watch movies, seasons, and read blogs on their laptop/PC screens, the Laptop or Personal Computer Switch Night Mode Pro browser plugin is a must-have. Users that sit in front of their computer screens for lengthy periods of time are well aware of the harmful effects it has on their eyes. This feature reduces the amount of extra light on the screen, protects users’ eyes from harmful rays, and illuminates the screen as needed. It removes any surplus brilliant light off the screen to make looking at the display on the screen easier for your eyes. Reduced eye strain is associated with better sleep and longer sleep durations.

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The name implies that the extension is intended for night viewing because the light on the screen is dimmed to provide a darker, but easier to see mode for nighttime screen viewing. Not just the light, but also the colors on the display are modified as needed. It helps protect your eyes from excessive light and strain caused by too much brightness on the display. When you switch the brightness to day mode (which is also an option), the entire display’s light is adjusted to fit in with daylight mode, allowing for maximum visibility of the audience. Simply click on the Light Bulb button that appears in the tool-bar drop down popup to change between day and nighttime modes. Just press Ctrl+Shift+F11 on each page if the modes aren’t automatically engaged upon arrival. This plugin also has the advantage of reducing battery usage when it’s turned on since brightness that is adjusted to real-time standards will consume far less electricity. The plugin is available in the Firefox add-ons store and can be downloaded for Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. So, install this pleasant extension right now to prevent headaches and safeguard your ocular system from any additional forces or damage. The extension is available for download in the supported browser. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the desired Browser’s icon to get it (you will be taken to a site where you can purchase additional addons).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to access to the settings?

There are no settings in this extension. However, the toolbar popup has various options to change. The top of the toolbar popup features two buttons. Day mode is represented by the left button, which makes the screen bright and vibrant with original hues. Night mode is represented by the right button, which shuts off the light while inverting all colors. The brightness control is located in the middle of the bar. When you scroll to the right, the screen’s brightness will rise; scrolling to the left decreases it. The status of the extension and real-time value of the current brightness are displayed in a text field at the bottom of the popup window.

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2. How can I darken the new tab page?

Because all current browsers have strict rules for customizing the new tab page, you’ll need to use a separate add-on to darken it. It’s called: It’s only available in Chrome and Firefox. Because Opera does not allow modifying the new tab page, Dark New Tab is currently ineffective on Opera. Please note that this extension just changes your browser’s new tab page; it has no effect on any other web pages.

3. How can I download the source code for Switch Night Mode Pro?

The easiest way to get the source code for this extension is to use Chrome Web Store’s download tool. With this add-on, you may save the source code as a ZIP or CRX file to your PC. If you want to get the source code for Firefox addons, open the firefox download link in the Firefox browser and then right-click on the – Add to Firefox – button and select – Save Link As… Save the file in XPI format to your computer’s default destination folder. You may then rename the XPI file extension to RAR or ZIP. Some add-on extensions may have a GitHub repository address, which you can use to obtain the source code. However, it might not be the most up-to-date version of the plugin. As a result, downloading source code from official web sites is your best bet because it always offers you with the newest version of the add-on.

4. What is new in this version?

Please visit the “What’s new in this version” area of the Firefox add-ons site or, look for the update log section on the Opera add-ons page to see any changes.

5. How do I find and install the night mode extension for Firefox?

To enable night mode in the Firefox browser, go to the add-ons store and search for Night Mode (you may locate a link to the Firefox add-on store at top-right-corner on this page). After you’ve found it, simply click the Add to Firefox button, and it’ll be added to your browser. This extension is restartless, which means you won’t have to restart your browser after installation is complete.

6. How do I find and install the night mode extension for Chrome?

To enable night mode in Google Chrome, go to the Chrome web store (there is a link for the Chrome web store at the top-right-cor on this page), install the add-on, and then click the Add to Chrome button.

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7. How do I find and install the night mode extension for Opera?

Simply go to the Opera add-on store (at the top-right-corner of this page) and search for “night mode,” when you find it, select the Add to Opera option. It will be added to your browser.

8. How do I uninstall the night mode extension from my browser?

To remove the night mode add-on, go to your browser’s add-ons settings page and look for the extension. Please keep in mind that each browser presents a different setting page for extensions; however, uninstalling should be simple since there is no need to restart the browser.

9. How to switch to between Day or Night modes?

To go into Day mode, just open the toolbar-popup and click on the Lights-On-Icon in the top left corner. To switch to Night mode, click on the Lights-Off-Icon at the bottom right corner.

10. How to change the screen brightness?

As previously said, to access settings, please open the toolbar popup; once you’ve located the slider in the center of the window, adjust it to achieve the desired brightness. To dim or brighten your display, push down on the left side of the screen and pull up on this side.

11. What is Night Mode Extension?

The dark mode is a browser plugin (extension) that allows you to completely avoid harmful light and monitor illumination at night. Excessive light has been linked to poorer sleep quality and duration. You may quickly change the brightness of the screen during the day or night, making it simpler on your eyes. In many ways, excessive light at night can harm the eyes. It has both harmful effects on the cornea and lens. It can also damage the retina (the black area around your eye’s pupil) in addition to affecting vision. Many research indicate that for optimal comfort and productivity, adequate light is required. It implies giving enough illumination so that people may read documents (including text, pictures, and videos) clearly yet without being blinded by excessive bright light levels.

12. What are the causes of exessive light on my eyes?

The eyes are particularly susceptible to poor lighting, which has an adverse impact on the ocular system and contributes to other issues such as headaches. When individuals try to read or watch something at night when the light is not fully adjusted to their eyes, they may get these problems. The following are some of the most frequent complaints people have when subjected to too much light: eyestain, eye irritation, dry and burning eyes, headaches, and difficulty seeing the monitor (or other papers).

13. What are the characteristics of a good visual environment?

The following are the four most important aspects of an excellent atmosphere: 1. A good light source should have the appropriate light direction and brightness. 2. There should be a nice contrast between your document (particularly text, picture, and video) and the background to make it easier on the eye. 3. To minimize glare in your monitor as well as harsh contrasts, use lighting that is appropriate for the job (in terms of color and eventness).