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Tab Refresh is a browser extension that allows you to automatically reload tabs based on custom time intervals.

To use this addon, please open the toolbar popup UI while you are visiting a website. Adjust the time interval in seconds and you’re all set. The selected tab will be reloaded based on the interval you just set.

Please be advised that reloading takes place according to tab URL and not tab ID or domain. If you would like the current “reload” task stopped, please press the “stop” button located in the upper left-hand corner of the toolbar popup UI. You can also set the interval to 0, which has the same effect as the stop function.

Reloading tasks on many tabs might be tiresome, so you may use this feature to call upon the Reset button. Please open the toolbar popup UI and click the “reset” option to accomplish this. This button acts as a global reset button, eliminating all reloading activities for your tabs.

Tab Refresh

Features using the Tab Refresh extension

  • With just a click, auto-reload is now easily set up for your tabs.
  • Reloading occurs based on the tab’s URL.
  • Automatically resumes on browser startup.
  • The time interval you can set is anywhere from 1 to 100,000 seconds.
  • The Reload button only removes the reload task for the current tab (active tab).
  • The reset button clears the reload task for all tabs in the toolbar popup window.
  • Our software is accessible no matter what device or browser you’re using.
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1. What is Tab Refresh extension?

The Tab Refresh extension is a multi-browser plugin that allows you to reload any tabs on your preference. Open the toolbar popup UI while browsing a website in order for this add-on to work. You’re finished when you’ve chosen a time interval of 120 seconds (i.e., one minute). The tab you choose will be reloaded at the end of the time period you specified. Please keep in mind that reloading occurs based on the URL of the tab, not the ID or domain. If you want to end the reload task at any point, press the stop button located in the top left corner of the toolbar popup UI. Or, you can always set the interval to 0 which has the same effect as pressing stop. If you have many tabs scheduled for reloading and don’t want to go to each one to cancel the reloading process, please open the toolbar popup UI and push the top-right button. This button is a global reset button, which removes the reloading task from all your browser windows.

2. What does the color pattern for toolbar icon indicate?

The reload status of a tab is indicated by the Toolbar icon’s colors. If the current tab has no reloading operation, it will be dark grey. In addition, when you visit a chrome tab (i.e., chrome://extensions/) and see a toolbar icon turn grey. These tabs are regarded as invalid for this addon (only URLs starting with http://, https:// and ftp:// are valid). When you open a normal tab (i.e., and adjust the time interval for reloading, however, the toolbar icon changes to blue. This indicates that the current tab has an active reloading task. After you’ve removed the Reload for a page from your browser menu bar, the toolbar indicator changes to grey as well.

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3. Does this addon have an options page?

No, there are presently no alternatives for this add-on. All you need to do is include it within the toolbar popup UI.

4. How do I disable the addon?

If you want to disable the addon, please visit the extension page in your browser and click on the disable button. To remove all reload tasks, press the reset button once (located in the top right corner of the toolbar popup UI).

5. What happens when I close and restart the browser while this extension is enabled?

This addon will automatically resume any reloading tasks when you close and reopen your browser. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to open websites with active reloading tasks for the addon to function correctly.

6. Is it possible to make the plugin function on a per-domain basis rather than URL?

No, the addon currently only works for tab URLs. In the future, domain-based reloading will be added to the addon as well.

7. Can I use this addon on my mobile phone?

The addon is currently only available for desktop browsers, but support for mobile browsers will be added in future updates.

8. How can I request features for this addon?

Fill out the bug report form in this page to request a feature(s) or report possible bugs.

9. Where can you find the privacy policy for Tab Refresh?

The privacy policy for this extension is available here.