Text To Speech Voices

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A text-to-speech tool that creates natural sounding voices.

By utilizing HTML5 TTS APIs, Text To Speech Voices is a text to speech extension that offers natural sounding voices.

Note 1: Please choose text paragraph-by-paragraph for the highlight option to function properly. The highlight function is still in beta and may not function appropriately on all websites.

Note 2: The HTML5 TTS API is still in development and may suffer from difficulties. If the API isn’t active in your browser, go to “about:config” and look for “webspeech.” After you’ve found it, right-click on it and choose – Toggle – to enable it.

Text To Speech Voices

Features of Text To Speech Voices

  • Activation is simple and requires only one click.
  • Language is automatically detected (there is no need to select a language each time).
  • Text-to-speech is enabled by pressing “Alt”, “T” or “Insert.”
  • When text-to-speech is on, highlight portions of the text with this extension.
  • Free, open-source software that works in all modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) as well as on three platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Text To Speech Voices?

Text To Speech Voices is a browser plug-in that allows you to read any website, from single words to complete paragraphs, with natural sounding voices. This addon works very intuitively and supports a variety of languages (for a detailed list, please see the description section). To utilize this addon, simply open a webpage with text content. After that, choose the text you wish to highlight. Then click on the activator symbol (green button on top of the selection) to begin the voice reading. The progress of the activation is shown by the activator icon. Please select paragraph-by-paragraph in order for the highlighter to function properly.

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2. Why isn’t text-to-speech working on my Opera?

In order to enable the text-to-speech function in your browser, you’ll need a media player plug-in (with mp3 support) installed on Opera. Please follow this guide to install the QuickTime plugin.

3. How can I work with this addon?

As previously stated, after the addon is downloaded to your browser, please choose any text you want. Then, when the activation symbol appears, hit the play button on your computer. The voice will begin playing and the activation symbol will show you how far along you are in completing it. You may at any moment pause or resume playback by clicking on the pause button. Please keep in mind that, as aforementioned, to enable the highlight feature to function correctly, you must select text paragraph by paragraph.

4. How can I change the TTS API?

The TTS API (HTML5) is now used by the addon in versions (0.1.8) and above, as opposed to previous releases where more than one was employed. This is due to the fact that the HTML5 TTS API has been improved and can now properly process speech synthesis better than previously. Furthermore, there are no restrictions.

5. Does the extension work with whole words or phrases in the source or editable areas?

Yes, it does work for all of these professions, however it is disabled by default. You must access the options page and enable this settings to utilize this tool. Please be aware that while you’re choosing words or phrases in input or editable areas, you may encounter some issues or flaws.

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6. What are the other options on the addons settings page?

There are numerous other settings accessible for this addon. For example, you may enable TTS with a mouse double-click or only with a text selection. There’s an option to turn on this extension by pressing and holding the Alt key while selecting a word or sentence. Two additional options are available for the little-bubble activator symbol on the status bar; you can change them from the settings page.

7. Is this addon compatible with all websites?

Yes, it works with all websites that use the typical HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It is also fully compatible with the new versions of Opera and Firefox browsers, as well as browser add-ons such as web extensions.

8. Here are some pointers for new users:

Please make sure to visit the options page after installation to customize your settings. Right-click the extension icon and select options (Chrome and Opera) for a right-click option. Open the preferences in Firefox by going to the Addons page and clicking Settings. Please be advised that all changes you make in the options page will be auto saved. After install, please restart all of your existing pages to activate the extension.

9. Where can I access the Text To Speech Voices privacy policy?

The privacy policy for this extension is available here.