Timezone Change

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With the Timezone Change addon, you can easily time travel and adjust your browser’s clock without having to stress about changing different settings on each website. These easy-to-use addons help make life easier by giving users complete control over their internet experience, no matter where they are located regarding what time zone they identify as being associated with!

Please tell us about your experience with this add-on by filling out the bug report form on our website or contacting us directly. We want to make sure that every user has an awesome time using it, so please take some time and provide feedback!

This is a quick guide on how to use Timezone Change. The input starts with an explanation of what each button does, then goes into more detail for those who want it. There’s also some information about submitting reports if something doesn’t work properly or if you have any questions regarding this add-on!

With the Timezone Change extension, you can easily change your browser time zone and turn off this Addon anytime from a button on top of your screen.


Explore the features of Timezone Change

  • Don’t let the clockwatchers find out what time you’re really in!
  • Once you press the Toolbar button, it will either activate or deactivate this Addon for you.
  • Type in the desired timezone and select an available one from our list.
  • This extension is available for all modern browsers, including the latest versions on Windows and Mac as well.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tell me what is Timezone Change?

This is a quick way to change your time zone. All you need are two fields: name and value which should be entered in accordance with whatever information provided by this app or website; then reload all tabs for changes to take effect! The default color of the bar indicates if there’s an active function (light grey).

2. How can I use this addon?

The process of installing and using this Addon is very simple. Just add the extension to your browser, where it will be automatically enabled (by default). You can change time zones by selecting an item from our selection list on startup or anytime after that– all changes are saved instantly!

3. Is the source code for Change Timezone Change downloadable?

This extension’s source code can be downloaded using Extension Source Downloader. With this handy tool, you’ll have access to both ZIP and CRX formats for downloading the project on your computer in order to make changes if needed without risking losing any work!

4. What are the options or settings to adjust this add-on?

The easiest way to change your time zone is by accessing the options page and selecting a different one from our vast selection. Once you make this choice, we will automatically adjust all future timesheets so that they are consistent with each other!

5. Is it possible to whitelist a certain site/domain?

Unfortunately, currently, this add-on changes the timezone for all tabs. In future releases, we will be adding support to whitelist sites so you can keep your preferred local date/time settings without having them reset every single page load!

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6. Is my privacy secure?

Websites can easily find your approximate physical location via a Date API in JavaScript. This add-on changes the internal methods of this API and forces them to report fake time-localized data, so it is not possible for anyone who doesn’t have access (or need) specific information about where you are located at any given moment–even while active on their website!

7. Is daylight savings on this extension?

The timezone you choose from our options page will be the one that is closest to your location. This means it automatically adjusts for daylight saving, so there’s no need to make any further changes!

8. Is this addon compatible with mobile browsers?

This is a great option for users of all devices, as the plugin can be installed on either your phone or computer.

9. Does this add-on have a privacy policy?

The privacy policy for this extension can be found here.