Turn On Backspace

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With a single click, you may also enable backspace navigation!

Turn On Backspace extension allows you to navigate backward to the previous page by pressing the “backspace” button on your keyboard.

The “go-back” option for the backspace button has been eliminated in recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. This add-on reinstates this functionality to your browser. It’s represented by a toolbar icon that serves as a toggle switch. When the add-on is switched on, the toolbar icon color changes to dark grey. The indication that this extension is active changes from gray to white. In the inactive condition, the symbol color changes to light gray. Please keep in mind that there are no options or setup pages available with this addon. Install it and start using it straight away.

Turn On Backspace

Features of Turn On Backspace

  • The ON/OFF switch is a check mark symbol in the top right corner of the Toolbar.
  • When the button is active, it has a different symbol than when it’s inactive.
  • To go back a page, press the backspace key (on your keyboard).
  • For Chrome and Opera, this is available on all operating systems.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Turn On Backspace addon?

Turn On Backspace is a lightweight addon that allows you to easily go back by pressing the backspace key. This feature has recently been removed from Google Chrome and Opera browsers. This extension restores this functionality to your browser. It includes a toolbar icon that serves as a switch between ON and OFF. When the addon is enabled, the toolbar icon becomes dark grey. In the inactive state, the symbol color changes to white. Please keep in mind that this add-on does not have any options or settings pages.

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2. How can I use this addon?

This add-on is simple to use. Simply install it in your browser and go surfing the internet. When you press the backspace key on your keyboard while viewing a webpage, the current tab will go to the previous page. It’s crucial to remember that, when editing areas within the document, pressing the backspace key only deletes characters and does not function as a go-back button.

3. How can I turn off the extension?

To deactivate the extension, simply click on the toolbar button once. The toolbar icons will be colorless when the add-on is inactive. Reactivating the add-on will change its status to active again. To permanently disable an add-on, go to your browser’s extensions page and then select the disable option next to the name of the extension you wish to remove.

4. Is there a configuration page accessible for this addon?

No, this add-on does not have any options or settings to change. There is only one button in the toolbar for you to use to turn on or off the add-on.

5. What happens when the mouse cursor is in an editable spot?

When the mouse cursor is in an editable area, backspace works normally. In other words, it removes characters from right to left (relative to the mouse cursor).

6. Is there a version for the Firefox browser?

This feature is incorporated into your browser by default in Firefox, and there’s no need to download a addon. Backspace functionality was removed from Chrome and Opera recently, therefore this add-on may be used to restore it. If you use the keyboard rather than the mouse more often, this add-on is quite beneficial.

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7. Is it possible to add extra functionality to other keyboard buttons?

No, this extension is only meant to work with the backspace key. Please use different addons for other keyboard buttons.