Undo Tab Close

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You can quickly reverse previously closed tabs using your browser’s toolbar popup!

The Undo Tab Close addon, which is available as a toolbar extension, allows you to resumemundos closed tabs.

If you want to use this add-on, simply open the menu screen and select the corresponding tab to access it. By default, 25 items are displayed in the popup, but you may modify this from the options page. Each item has a name and a favicon (if available). There are several buttons on the UI rear part. A button is located on the bottom-left corner to bring back all closed tabs. The History option can be accessed by pressing this button. On the bottom-right side, there’s a button that reloads the UI. Another option is to visit the settings page via this button. The support and donation buttons are at the end of two more choices each one of which offers different scenarios.

Undo Tab Close

Features of Undo Tab Close

  • By allowing you to select the desired closed tab from a list of available tabs, it allows for thorough undo close tab functionality.
  • Easily have access to the browser’s close tab function from a toolbar notification.
  • Stores a customizable number of tabs to restore in the undo menu.
  • Free for all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge) and platforms.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Undo Tab Close?

The Undo Tab Close extension displays a list of recently closed tabs in a simple interface in the toolbar. To open a tab, simply click on the item. Each item with a window symbol on the right side is there for opening the previously closed – including all tabs – if you see such an icon on the right-hand side. There’s also an options page where you may change how many tabs are shown in the toolbar popup.

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2. How can I work with this extension?

Clicking on a tab in the Add-on bar will open the desired tab in this browser. Simply open the toolbar popup and choose a tab to view items. The number of items shown in the toolbar popup is adjustable; however, by default, it is set at 25 items. Each item has a title as well as a favIcon (if available). There is also a button on the UI (bottom-left corner) that allows you to view all closed tabs at once.

3. What does Undo Tab Close extension do?

Ready to close a tab? Open the popup UI and select the one you’d want to delete. Tired of visiting History all the time? Then this add-on is for you! This extension allows you to undo closed tabs via a toolbar button. To view a list of previous previously closed tabs, click on The popup UI will appear showing the list of last previously closed tabs, where you may select the one you wish to reverse.

4. How to add or remove the toolbar button in Firefox?

To add the button to the navigation toolbar, go to Firefox “View” and then “Toolbars,” where you’ll see a drop-down menu. Select “Customize” from the drop-down menu, then drag and drop the button anywhere on the toolbar. By default, the tab bar button is visible.

5. How to change addons settings?

Remove the old version then install the new one by following these steps. Open your browser’s extension menu and select options. You may change the maximum number of listed items in the UI from this page. Before closing the options page, please click on the – Save – button to save your changes.

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6. What is the keyboard shortcut for closing a tab (Ctrl + Shift + Z)?

To change the default keyboard shortcut (which opens the last closed tab), open a new browser tab, type “about:config” and search for “undoclosedtabsbutton.modifier” and “undoclosedtabsbutton.key.” Then modify them as necessary.

7. Where can I find the privacy policy for Undo Tab Close?

The extension’s privacy policy is available here.