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Video Downloader IW  is an easy-to-use browser extension that allows you to download YouTube videos easily. With just one click on the “Download” button, it will save any video being played in your default media player so when offline playback becomes available again thanks to this new update from ViddeeoDump Services Ltd., there’s no need to search around online trying to find old versions or reposted links since we’ve got everything right here!


Please fill out the bug report form on this page or contact us if you have any questions about how to use this software. The FAQ is located at the top of the page, and it has answers to the most common inquiries that come up with our products! The form to suggest improvements or feature requests is available through this link. This section also has a space where you can comment on the add-on itself, using Facebook’s commenting plugin for their site!

This is a basic overview of Video Downloader IW. If you want to learn more about how this software works or if any errors appear during installation, please read the detailed documentation on our website! This amazing software helps you download videos from Instagram and save them to your computer. It’s a lightweight, easy way of getting that perfect moment in time on film!

Explore the features of Video Downloader IW

Instagram is an easy-to-use app that lets you download videos from your favorite social media sites.

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The ON|OFF switch allows you to easily enable or disable this addon.

Instantly add a professional tone to your Instagram posts with this quick and easy plugin!

The site is available for browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera on all operating systems.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Video Downloader IW?

This simple add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Samsung browsers makes downloading videos from Instagram straightforward. Just select the desired video on any page within IW then click “Download” under that specific clip’s information bar (top left side). The download will start automatically once clicked! Click on the icon to download a video of your choice! Download location is set as default in most browsers. This add-on will capture and save the highest resolution files for you, so no need to search around online or wait minutes while videos load down at slow internet connection speeds – just find what’s right up at hand with ease thanks to this awesome little program (and it won’t even take long).

2. How can I use this addon?

Working with the Instagram add-on is simple. Simply visit any Instagram website and place your mouse over this bar: whichever side you move it will be turned On or Off, depending on what state currently exists (version). The button served as both switch AND icon should alert users that there are different options available for customization through chrome’s settings menu if needed! Once you click on the icon, it will turn to OFF and become light grey. Please note that when this add-on is off download icons won’t appear in Instagram videos anymore.”

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3. How can I download the source code for Video Downloader IW?

The easiest way to get the source code for this extension is through Extension Source Downloader. You can download it as either a ZIP or CRX file, which will allow you access without any hassle on your computer! To download the source code from Firefox’s Add-ons Store, open up your browser and visit this link (if available). Once there are no more buttons left click on “Add to Firewall.” Choose where you want it saved then select XPI format before saving.

Renaming the XPI file extension to RAR or ZIP will allow you to download source code from some addons. However, this may not be updated with the latest version of an addon’s plugin-heavy nature making it best for downloading directly off their website instead where they keep track of exactly what has been released into the public domain by its developers so that anyone can access them at any time without charge!

4. Is there a separate settings or options page for this extension?

This may seem like a downside at first, but it has some advantages. For example, you can easily enable or disable this extension from one switch instead of having to go through different menus and pages just because there isn’t enough room on each screen for everything!

5. Can mobile browsers use this extension?

This is a great tool for anyone who needs to get the most out of their workout. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this will make sure that every second counts and maximize your results!

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6. Is it possible to download the highest resolution videos on Instagram?

The resolution-h soak is a revolutionary new way to capture videos. It will automatically be used when available, or you can choose from one of three resolutions yourself!

7. Is it possible to Download images with this app besides videos?

The Instagram Downloader makes downloading videos from the app easier than ever. No more switching between different apps or websites just to get that perfect photo!

8. Does this addon work for the Facebook website?

No, this add-on only works for Instagram. For Facebook or any other website, you need to install a separate plugin to use it on your preferred platforms!

9. How do I turn off this extension when not in use?

The button on the Addons tab will now say ” Coast Slow Web.” Pressing it again has no effect, so you can be sure that all functions of this software are disabled. If there is an extension page for your browser where addons live (like Chrome), then go ahead and visit them from here instead!

10. Can I download all videos at once?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to download all videos at once. However, in the future, we plan on adding this feature!

11. Where can I find the privacy policy for Video Downloader IW?

This extension has a privacy policy. Please read it here before using the service!