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Wallpaper New Tab add-on allows you to choose high-definition wallpapers as your new tab page background.

Please be advised that this extension replaces the original new tab in your browser. If you wish to restore the regular new tab page, please uninstall/disable this add-on.

The extension supports two distinct APIs (Bing and Unsplash) for obtaining background images. Only one high-quality image is allowed per day using the Bing API. The Unsplash API, on the other hand, allows you to access an infinite number of photographs each day. When you press the reload button (top right corner in the new tab UI), a new picture will be loaded every time. Furthermore, keywords may be used to filter pictures (search results). A footer toolbar near the bottom of the page displays the current date and time.

wallpaper new tab

Reasons to Choose Wallpaper New Tab

  • To use the Background Image option, open a new tab or create a new toolbar icon. To display a background picture on the new tab page, click the new tab or toolbar icon.
  • This plugin is compatible with both the Bing and Unsplash APIs, allowing you to use this plugin with two different platforms.
  • The first thing that you notice about this style is the sidebar, which contains a window list, settings button and data-time toolbar.
  • Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Opera are the only browser choices.


1. What is Wallpaper New Tab?

The Wallpaper New Tab is a popular place to display a picture. This lightweight extension allows you to add a high-resolution background image for your new tab page. Please be advised that this extension replaces the default new tab in your browser. If you want the original new tab page back, please remove/bypass this add-on. It supports two distinct APIs (Bing and Unsplash) for retrieving background images: one high-quality picture per day with the Bing API, and unlimited high-quality pictures with the Unsplash API. The Unsplash API, on the other hand, allows you to upload as many photos as you want each day. When you click the reload button (top right corner in the new tab UI), a new image will be loaded. Furthermore, images may be filtered by keywords (search results). There is also a footer toolbar at the bottom of the screen that displays the current date and time.

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2. How to work with this addon?

Working with this add-on is simple. Simply install it in your browser and select the new tab button. Alternatively, you may utilize the toolbar button. A high-resolution picture will be displayed as the backdrop on the new tab page, unsplash is the default background image API. This API allows you to access free limitless pictures every day. Furthermore, you may filter search results by adding keywords. A few examples of what you’ll find: – If you’re searching for automobile pictures, simply enter “car” into the keyword field (bottom section of the settings toolbar) on the new tab page. Please click on the reload button in the top right corner of the UI if you want to replace the image. The reload symbol will change until a new image is discovered, and it will keep changing until a new picture is found.

3. Open the settings toolbar of Wallpaper New Tab?

On the top left corner of the UI, click on the settings icon. The settings toolbar will be visible on a new tab page from left to right. You may either close the toolbar by clicking on the close button or anywhere within the page.

4. Hit the reload button in Wallpaper New Tab?

To conceal the reload button, please navigate to the settings sidebar and uncheck the second option.

5. How to hide the date and time footer?

To hide the date and time footer, just like the reload button, please open the settings sidebar, then deselect the first option.

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6. Change Wallpaper New Tab is wallpaper API?

To replace the image API, go to the settings sidebar and then pick an API from there. Option 3 is for Bing pictures, while option 4 is for Unsplash; the default option is unsplash. Settings 5 and 6 are only functional if you use the unsplash API. Only one daily photo is supported by the Bing API. As a result, clicking the reload button will not alter the picture of whether this API is enabled or disabled.

7. Wallpaper New Tab available for mobile browsers?

Yes, this plugin is compatible with all browsers and platforms. It’s also available on mobile devices. Mobile browsers for Android and iOS devices are now available in Firefox and Opera.

8. What’s the best way to get the default new tab page in my browser back?

The original new tab page will be replaced with this add-on. As a result, if you want to view the actual new tab page, you must uninstall this extension. Please go to the extensions menu in your browser and then disable it by selecting the icon.

9. Is it possible to add a search bar to the new tab page?

No, right now the interface of this add-on is rather simple, with only a background picture and a settings sidebar. A search bar will be added in the future.