Web API Blocker

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Block undesirable Web API Blocker (nullify) and safeguard your privacy with ease.

The following are some of the vital features of the Web API Blocker Addon. This is followed by a quick overview of the add-on. This summary contains a few words on the addon, its purpose, and its features. FAQ follows, which can help you understand how this add-on works in your browser. We hope that after reading this page, you will have all you need to know about this addon and be able to use it to your advantage

In a nutshell, Web API Blocker allows you to easily and quickly avoid and erase the requested web API via a toolbar popup UI.

WebAPI Blocker

WebAPI Blocker

4 Reasons to Use Web API Blocker

  • To avoid being tracked, block any unwanted web API.
  • A button with the words ON and OFF is provided to switch on or off the extension quickly.
  • There’s a dropdown menu with a choice of all HTML5 APIs to select from.
  • It works in all browsers and platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

Many users have installed browser extensions or extensions to block various web APIs. These methods include using add-ons on their browsers that aid in the prevention of particular web API access. Web API Blocker is an extension designed to make your internet surfing more secure and safer by limiting the usage of third-party APIs. Do you want to find out whether you should install it? Continue reading this in-depth analysis of Web API Blocker to discover more!

The name of the extension, Web API Blocker, implies that it is intended to prevent authorized JavaScript APIs. This may help to secure your privacy and avoid identity theft, as well as other bad things. The extension is simple to use since there is an ON/OFF switch. After you have switched the button on, unwanted APIs will be blocked, and vice versa. It’s simple to add new APIs; all you have to do is type the API’s name in the provided area and then click the add button next to it. There are some popular APIs pre-installed in the program for convenience.

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You can use the extension to block any trackers you don’t want to visit your computer. You can remove those that you think are safe to ensure that no third parties have access to your data. It has a major advantage in that it may be used on any browser. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, you may benefit from its great features and keep your privacy by downloading it. Furthermore, this extension is also available for other operating systems than Windows Mobile and Android devices. This add-on does not have its own separate settings page.

The settings for the UI in the popup are limited. Furthermore, if a user wants to block an API while browsing a tab, they must refresh the tab first. The add-on cannot perform any actions without being refreshed. Finally, the user must have some understanding of how APIs function. If they’ve mistakenly blocked one that is essential for enabling a website to load properly, that site’s performance may be negatively impacted.

It may not load completely or become unresponsive. If this happens, double-check the APIs you’ve banned, unblock them, reload the tab, and see whether the website loads properly or not. Overall, installing Web API Blocker is a good method to preserve your privacy; nevertheless, it’s essential to be aware of important APIs’ capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web API Blocker?

Web API Blocker is a browser extension that allows you to quickly block and negate a specific web API. Open the toolbar popup UI and pick an API from the dropdown list. Then, click on the (+) button to add the item to the API list. You may remove items from the list by clicking on the trashcan icon next to each entry. Furthermore, you can deselect an item by removing the check mark from its position in the list. There’s also a reload button at the top banner that will reload your current tab.

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What is Web API?

The Web API is a web browser API that allows you to access and modify data on the server. It’s used for web development only, and it restricts client-side coding. These APIs are utilized by all websites to carry out a duty on the user’s side. A website may use a web API to play or show an audio or video file on your computer, for example. As the web browsers grow more sophisticated, these APIs will develop in power, which might raise privacy concerns (such as detecting location, IP address, fingerprint, timezone, and so on). If you want to block an API while still allowing certain APIs to operate normally, this extension is very helpful.

How can I download the source code for Web API Blocker?

To get the source code for this extension from the Chrome Web Store, it’s suggested that you use a URL. With this extension, you can obtain the source code in ZIP or CRX format to your computer. If you want to get the source code for Firefox add-ons from Mozilla Firefox, simply open the firefox download link (if available) and then right-click on Add To Firefox and select Save Link As… .

The downloaded XPI file will be saved in the destination folder on your computer. You may convert the XPI file to a RAR or ZIP file by changing its filename extension. The GitHub repo address of some extensions might be included, which you can use to get the source code. However, it is possible that it does not contain the most up-to-date version of the add-on. As a result, downloading source code from official online stores is always preferable because it provides you with the most recent addon version.

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How can I use it for my own purposes?

It’s simple to use. After you’ve downloaded and installed the extension, go through the list of APIs and pick one that you want to prohibit. Then refresh all open tabs to see the results. If you want to turn off the extension, simply click on the ON|OFF button. Alternatively, if you wish to disable all elements in the popup, uncheck them all.

Please keep in mind that blocking some web APIs may cause webpages to load slowly or become unresponsive. As a result, please proceed with caution when deciding to block a web API. There is a – reload – button at the top banner that you can use to reload the active tab and check whether the extension is functioning properly while blocking an API.

What is the mechanism of Web API Blocker?

When you use the Web API Blocker, this extension nullifies that API. In other words, all of the APIs’ methods will return nothing rather than their intended functionality. Please note that since this method is used, some websites may become unresponsive or even fail to load. As a result, please exercise caution when attempting to prevent an API with this extension.

How can I get rid of this add-on?

Please follow the steps below to delete this extension: Open your browser’s extensions page and click the disable button for this extension. Alternatively, you may access the toolbar popup UI by going to select ON or OFF.

Is there a way to customize or change the settings of this extension?

Yes, as previously said, there are no distinct settings or a setting page available. All of the possible changes are shown in the toolbar popup UI.

Where can I obtain Web API Blocker’s privacy policy?

Please read the extension’s privacy policy before using it at here.