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Web Page Edit (Design Mode) is a lightweight program that allows you to modify pages via toolbar popups and save your modifications.

Web Page Editor

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Feature Web Page Edit:

  • There are no background processes and it’s a very lightweight add-on.
  • There is an ON|OFF switch to quickly turn the add-on on or off.
  • A toolbar popup with several text editing capabilities is provided.
  • This plugin works in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers on all operating systems.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Web Page Edit?

Edit any HTML website with the Web Page Edit lightweight and multi-browser add-on. Simply click on the large switch button in the left corner of the toolbar popup UI. Once Web Page Edit is enabled, the icon becomes blue. A – Design Mode – banner will also appear in place of the current tab at the top left corner. The document is now ready for editing. Make any necessary modifications using the text editing tools accessible through the toolbar popup UI.

When you’re done making your changes, turn the addon back on by clicking the switch button again. Please note that while this add-on is enabled, it is only active for the current tab. Furthermore, when turned off, it does not have any background operations. Select a text (when the add-on is active) and then choose a text editing function in toolbar popup UI to work with text editing tools in toolbar pop-up. Please see below for additional information regarding this add-on.

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2. How can I work with Web Page Edit addon?

To utilize the Web Page Edit Add-on, simply go to a website that you wish to edit. Then, choose the large toggle button from the toolbar popup UI. The feature is active when the icon changes color from white to blue and is inactive when it turns grey. When you turn on the add-on, you may begin editing the current page (currently open tab). In addition, a blue banner with – Design Mode – will be displayed in the upper left corner of your screen. You can now modify any text on the page. When the page is in design mode, all text editing tools are accessible.

There are currently 22 different text editing commands to choose from, with future additions planned. Please click the toggle button again once you’ve finished modifying the page for completion in design mode. You may now print or save the current page; however, remember that reloading the page or restarting your browser will erase all of your modifications (this add-on only makes minor modifications to the page).

3. How does the Web Page Edit addon work?

The HTML5 – document.designMode – API is used by this plugin. This API is currently supported by all modern browsers. It also works on all operating systems and platforms, whether mobile or desktop.

4. Can I add more editing functions to the toolbar popup UI?

No, but sadly there is no way to extend the add-on’s functionality at present. More editing tools will be added in the future.

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5. Is there any options or setting page available for this addon?

No, the toolbar popup UI contains all of the settings and choices. Please keep in mind that by default all modifications are automatically saved to memory.

6. Can I open Web Page Edit UI inside the active tab content, instead of toolbar popup UI?

The user interface is only accessible via a toolbar popup at the moment. It is not currently built to be viewed inside an HTML page.

7. How can I revert the page to the original state?

If you want to remove all of your modifications, please refresh the page once. Please keep in mind that as soon as you reload the page, all of the changes produced by this add-on will be erased (inactive tab).

8. Where can I find the privacy policy for Web Page Edit?

Please read the extension’s privacy policy here.