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Take a screenshot of the whole website with just one click!

Web Page Screenshot extension is a browser addon that allows you to take a full-page screenshot from any website.

To take a screenshot, click on the toolbar button (or press Alt+Shift+D) once. You may change the screenshot format from the settings page. Image quality and the time delay between multiple screenshots are also adjustable. The image will be saved to your browser’s default download location. Please note that in order for you to modify the download folder, go to your browser’s settings menu.

Note 1: To use the extension, you must first “reload” all open tabs.

Note 2: To capture a long-page website, Web Page Screenshot includes a vertical scroll (vertical scroll) to take the screenshot. However, if the page is too lengthy, it does not include a horizontal scroll.

Web Page Screenshot

Features of Web Page Screenshot

  • A full-page screenshot is one that captures the whole page.
  • You may alter the screenshot format and quality.
  • To take a screen shot, simply press the toolbar button or Shift+Alt+D.
  • The browser automatically saves the picture to your default download location.
  • It’s available for all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) as well as various devices (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Web Page Screenshot?

Web Page Screenshot addon for Firefox, Opera, and Chrome allows you to get a complete website page screenshot from any site. To capture the image, simply click on the toolbar icon (or press Alt+Shift+D combination) or select Settings from the drop-down menu. The screenshot format may be changed from the options page. Furthermore, picture quality and time delay between multiple screenshots are both adjustable. The picture will be saved to your browser’s default download location. Please note that in order to modify where the file is stored, access your browser’s settings page.

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2. Is there a quicker method to take the screenshot than using the toolbar button?

Yes, you can take a screenshot with (Alt + Shift + D) combinations. Please keep in mind that this combination may be changed in Chrome. However, it is not changeable in Firefox and Opera browsers at the moment.

3. How can I access the options page?

Please go to the extensions page in your browser and select the options button from there.

4. How can I convert my screenshot to a different format?

There are two screenshot formats to choose from: PNG and JPEG. Please consult the settings page to change these formats.

5. How can I modify the screenshot quality?

JPEG quality is a number between 0 and 100 percent. The lowest possible quality is 0%, while the maximum attainable quality is 100%. Quality, as previously stated, can be modified by visiting the options page. Please keep in mind that when it comes to JPEG screenshot format, quality is only applied. The browser itself determines the level of quality for PNG files. According to the WebExtensions API documentation, standard quality is set at 92 percent by default.

6. How do I install this add-on on my Firefox browser?

To install, go to the Mozilla Store and select “Add to Firefox” from the drop-down menu. The addon will be installed automatically in your browser without requiring a restart. It may also be downloaded and installed in Chrome and Opera browsers.

7. How do I remove this extension from my Firefox browser?

Please go to your browser and remove the extension by going to add-ons, then pressing the uninstall button for (extension name).

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8. Why does this add-on not work right away when I install it in my browser?

Please reload all open tabs when you first install this addon. The extension will operate as usual once your tabs have been reloaded.

9. Is there a way to extend the time delay between screenshots of lengthy webpages?

This extension captures numerous screenshots from top to bottom of a long-page website and then combines them all into a single shot. The time between each screenshot may be altered. Default is 100 milliseconds, with a maximum duration of ten seconds. Please note that the value must be given in milliseconds.

10. How can I take a screenshot and save it in a different format?

Currently, the screenshot is only available in PNG and JPEG files. In the future, PDF might be included as well.

11. Where can I find the privacy policy for Web Page Screenshot?

The privacy policy for this extension is located here.