World Clock Time

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There are many world clocks in the toolbar popup!

World Clock Time is a browser add-on that allows you to display world clocks in the toolbar popups of your web browser.

The toolbar popup contains a drop-down menu with as many clocks as you like. Just add as many clocks from the drop-down menu in the pop up. Please keep in mind that presently, there are a total of 34 options to select from. You can also change the daylight-saving value before adding any item (i.e., -1, 0, and +1). The items in the toolbar pop-up may be dragged around; all changes are automatically saved to memory. By default, 9 gadgets are added to the toolbar pop-up; however, they may be removed at any time by clicking on the cross sign next to each item (remove button in top-right corner).

World Clock Time

Features of World Clock Time

  • You can now select your time zone, as well as a variety of analog and digital clocks for your browser.
  • You may add or remove any item and rearrange the clocks to your liking.
  • This lightweight addon consumes very little CPU and RAM.
  • On all operating systems, it’s available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is World Clock Time?

World Clock Time is a lightweight and multi-browser extension that displays world clocks in your browser toolbar popup. Simply choose as many clocks as you like from the drop-down list in the pop up. Please note that, at this time, there are only 34 options available. You may set the daylight-saving value before adding each clock (i.e., -1, 0, and +1). Furthermore, toolbar popup items may be dragged to any location you desire. All modifications are saved automatically to memory. By default, six items are placed in the toolbar popup; you may remove them at any moment by clicking on the cross sign next to each one of them.

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2. How do I utilize this add-on?

Working with this add-on is a breeze. Simply open the toolbar popup UI and pick a desired item from the drop-down list. Then, after clicking the (+) sign next to the drop-down list, input the item into your dashboard. Please be advised that before adding any thing, you may change the daylight-saving value by clicking on the cross-sign (remove button) in the top right corner of each tile. You can also quickly rearrange items (drag & drop) to your preferred order by utilizing this add-on.

3. Is there a separate options or settings page for this addon?

No, this addon does not have a distinct options or settings page; everything required is accessible in the toolbar popup UI.

4. How can I include a new item to the dashboard at the same time as maintaining daylight saving?

Please enter the daylight-saving value in the designated area and then click on the add button after adding an item. Please note that the daylight-saving value is -1, 0, or +1 at this time. It is not possible to automatically change the daylight-saving value at this point in time.

5. Is this extension available in mobile versions?

Yes, this add-on is available on all operating systems and most major browsers. Please be advised that the pop-up UI on mobile devices may not fit properly on a mobile screen.

6. Can I edit the existing tiles?

No, there is no way to change an item once it has been added. To make any clock component more accurate, please first delete the item before adding a new one with correct values.

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7. How many additional clocks can I add to the dashboard?

You can put as many things on the dashboard as you like. When you have over six items, the popup UI will have a scrollbar on the side.

8. Can I drag and drop tiles in the toolbar display?

Yes, tiles may be dragged and dropped into the toolbar popup UI. Please keep in mind that all modifications are automatically saved to memory.

9. Where can I find the privacy policy for World Clock Time?

This extension’s privacy policy can be found here.