YouTube Floating Panel

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YouTube Floating Panel is a lightweight addon that allows you to access YouTube with just one click.

Note 1: YouTube Floating Panel has nothing to do with the official YouTube app/website. It’s usually an unofficial Addon that’s created and maintained independently.

Note 2: YouTube Floating Panel simply makes accessing the official page of YouTube from your browser’s toolbar a lot easier. Using YouTube becomes much simpler and more enjoyable when you use this add-on, especially if you enjoy multitasking.

Use the YouTube Floating Panel for opening the YouTube official webpage in a separate window (floating window), which will remain on top of other open windows. Using YouTube while browsing other sites is very simple, thanks to this feature. On the left side of the floating window, there’s a toolbar with five buttons.

The top of the window has a back button, which is used as the browser back button. Reload is the next option, which is used to reload the current page. Then there’s a pop-out button that opens up the current video in a new tab. The pin button keeps the window on top of other open windows (by default, it’s switched on). The forward arrow key serves as the browser forward key.

Floating Panel YouTube

Feature of Floating Panel YouTube

  • Create an App for youtube on your desktop (PC, MAC or Linux) with a detached floating panel.
  • The panel will automatically keep an eye on all of the other windows (you may also move or drag it about).
  • The floating panel (right side) has a back and forward button that functions as the browser’s back and forward buttons.
  • Is it possible to make the pop-up window always appear on top (by default, but you can turn this off).
  • On all platforms, the plugin is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
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F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Floating Panel YouTube?

This add-on is a very lightweight and handy plugin for your browser. To activate the floating panel, simply click on the toolbar button. Look for your desired item on YouTube and have fun. The floating panel is intended to always be in front of other windows. Furthermore, there are numerous buttons within the floating panel to highlight this add-on further.

2. How do I use this browser App?

This App is simple to use. Simply visit the link provided above and install it in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Opera web stores). After the App is installed, click on the launch button on the extension page (or toolbar button in Firefox and Opera). The interface will load in a floating window (panel). This window may be adjusted to any size you like. When you alter the dimensions, the popup window will display with the new dimensions the next time you open this program. There are five buttons on the left side of the interface to make things easier for you. There are several buttons that appear on the top of the window in order from left to right, back button (similar to a browser back button), panel reloading button (in case something goes wrong with the youtube player), and so forth. The next option is a pop-out button that opens YouTube in a new tab. The pin action is highlighted by the fourth button, which means when this one is clicked, the window will stay on top (the button symbol will also change). The Continue button is for the support page. It’s intended to take you to the support screen if you require assistance with this add-on or wish to report a problem. The forward (doubles as a browser back) button is the last option.

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3. How do I change the settings of a YouTube Floating Panel?

There is no settings page for this Addon. Everything you need is accessible in the top portion of the main window (at the top).

4. How do I install this App?

In order to install this App, go to the official addon stores and look for YouTube Floating Panel. Alternatively, the download hyperlink above takes you to the official Chrome web store where you may obtain this App.

5. How can I remove this App?

To remove this App, go to your browser’s extensions page and select the delete option.

6. Is it possible to install this app on mobile browsers (such as Firefox mobile)?

Unfortunately, this software isn’t presently accessible on mobile phones.