ZIP Maker

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With a simple UI right in your browser, you may create zip files!

ZIP Maker is a ZIP file creator extension that makes it simple to generate a single compressed file from your files (saves space).

Drag and drop files to a designated area in the app’s user interface (top section). The user interface will display all uploaded files. You may now select the – Zip & Download – button to download the ZIP file to your computer (default download location). A reload button is located at the upper-right corner of the app UI. Clicking on this button will reload the application and reset any active operations. To zip multiple files, drag them all over one another into the app (top section). It is also advised to restartthe UI after each zip operation.

ZIP Maker

Features of ZIP Maker

  • Drag-and-drop zip files into the popup window.
  • All uploaded files will be shown in the UI.
  • You can save a single compressed file to your computer.
  • On all platforms, the extension can be downloaded for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ZIP Maker?

ZIP Maker is a browser addon that allows you to convert a file(s) into a single compressed file (zip) with ease. Simply drop files into the app’s UI in the top section (drag and drop). The UI will show all of the uploaded items. To download the ZIP file to your system, click on the – Download ZIP file – button in the app (default download location). There is a reload option in the app’s user interface at the top left corner. When you click on this button, the application will be reloaded and all active operations will be reset. Please drag and drop any number of files into the app (top section) for zipping them together. Reloading the UI after each zip operation is also recommended.

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2. How can I work with this add-on?

Simply open the app’s user interface, then drag and drop desired files in the designated area (top part). Alternatively, to launch the file selector and pick your file(s) from there, click on the – Choose a zip file – button. After all of the documents have been completely loaded into the program, you may view them in section 2 (section 2). A button to download the compressed file to your computer is available at the bottom of UI. Please hit reload after completing the zip operation to make sure that the software is ready for another zip operation.

3. How does ZIP Maker addon work?

This extension utilizes the free and open source ZIP conversion library. The ZIP library employs non-blocking operations in the browser to compress data, so it won’t impact your browsing speed. Please keep in mind that this add-on only works with the ZIP file format. Other compressed file types, such as RAR, GZ, and ETA are not yet supported.

4. Is it possible to combine several files into a single folder?

Unfortunately, this add-on is only intended for uploading files, not folder/sub-folder hierarchies. If you have a folder with multiple files/folders in it, please first collect all of the files into a single folder (without any subfolders), and then upload them to the app.

5. How do I switch the extension off?

This add-on is completely disabled when the user’s application UI is closed. When the app UI is closed, this extension has no usage (RAM/CPU) and is totally disabled. To entirely shut off the add-on, go to your browser’s extensions page and then click on the disable button from there.

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6. Is this addon available for mobile Firefox?

Yes, this add-on is compatible with all browsers and platforms, including mobile Firefox and Opera.

7. How can I reload the app UI?

When you launch the app, you’ll see a refresh button in the upper left corner. Please use this button to reload the UI. Reloading the UI will also end all active zip operations and reset the ZIP Maker add-on, so be careful.

8. How can I get the compressed file?

When you’ve finished extracting (unzipping) a file, click the – download zip file – link at the bottom of the UI. This will send the compressed file to your computer to the default location in your system.

9. How can I change the files’s download destination?

To change the download location, go to your browser’s settings page and look for the download manager area. You may modify the download path within this region. This will alter the file downloads in your browser’s history to a new location.

10. Is there any way to compress files to RAR format with this add-on?

ZIP is the only file format supported by this addon. If you want to compress files to a RAR archive, you’ll need another add-on. In the future, support for RAR file types will be added.

11. Is this add-on equivalent to native ZIP applications in terms of performance?

No, because this add-on performs the zip operation in the browser, it is slower than native ZIP applications. However, since it works on all browsers and platforms, using it is simple. It requires no additional plugins to operate and starts working immediately after installation. Please keep in mind that for very large files, you will still need the conventional application. This add-on is only useful for small zip tasks.

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12. Where can I find the privacy policy for ZIP Maker?

This extension has its own privacy policy, which you should review here.